Saturday, October 23, 2010


Among other things, the group recommended eliminating the term "accident" from its vocabulary, saying it implies that collisions are unpreventable.

So... what I'm hearing is that everytime a car crashes with a bus, even if it is an accident, someone is gonna get the blame, most likely the driver. Seriously. Is TriMet TRYING to fire drivers?

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  1. Many crashes could be caused by faulty infrastructure and systemic problems with the way bus routes, intersections, etc. are designed. It's not necessarily a matter of bus driver vs. the other person(s) involved in the crash.

    But of course, sometimes it *is* a matter of human error, and in those cases, there should be serious consequences. Not for the sake of vengeance, but to protect the rest of society. Drivers who are shown to behave dangerously absolutely should be fired. Is one driver's job really more important than everyone else's safety?