Monday, April 25, 2011

Wednesday's Anticipation

Hey guys, I can explain.

Apparently computer related technology hates me for the most part and it just now is starting to apologize. One computer stopped working, then it did, then it lost internet, then it came back, then I switched computers, then that shut down, and then we gave it to a relative, and now I'm back here.

But yeah, I thought I'd talk about Wednesday. That's when we approach the TriMet board with the Campaign for a Fair Transfer. And I have a feeling this is going to be a great speech. I give thanks to Jon Ostar of OPAL for collaborating a bit with me, ironing out the edges and adding a point or two I totally agree with and wanted to speak of anyway (but forgot to add in the draft.) I'd post it here, but you don't ruin anticipation or suspense. It's going to be great and I'm hyped.

I'm going to try and update this at least once a week but that's only if this computer co-operates with me. I want to incorporate some chiller articles into this, and take a bit more serious direction as well without losing the quirky factor I've lovingly constructed. ;)




  1. I give three hour transfers everyday.

  2. Ditto on Steve's point!
    Go Cameron Go!
    We love ya out here!