Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yep! What a way to start a morning! I woke up to a cinnamon roll topped with cream cheese and a cup of coffee that suddenly lost its flavor in comparison to the cinnamon roll and then, as per usual to a electronic nut as I am, checked my Facebook.

A Graphical representation of the expression of my face upon reading the big news in Transit this Morning

:D ... :o ... :/ ... -_- ... X( ... XO ... *insert throwing phone back onto the couch here*

If you want a video representation of my response, here you go.

Yeah, the TriMet measure didn't pass this morning. And you can bet I'm gonna blog about it. I mean, how can you expect me to hear this and not B*tch and moan about it, pardon my French?

Okay, I'm not gonna get into the fact that the bond measure became a bombed measure. I don't think cussing out most of the Clackamas County will make me look very good, and besides, they've got Mt. Talbert, and... and... and ...

What I want to focus on was this particular quote.

Although the bond measure failed, General Manager Neil McFarlane has said TriMet still needs to purchase new buses, but it would take several years and possibly slice further into operations funding.


Let's get this straight... because you didn't buy buses awhile back, and the bond measure failed, you're JUST NOW gonna buy buses, at the expense of bus service.

Let's all say it again...

Listen. If you guys hadn't delayed it for so long (Can't really blame McFarlane too much, more like the Board of Directors and Fred RailSen... Light Hansen... RailEd HanLightSenMaxMaxMax... okay... you get my point) then we wouldn't have had to rely solely on the measure in the first place. Now that it's failed, you still need new buses, and now us, the bus riders, are going to have to pay for that. What an oxymoron, emphasis on MORON. Thanks for your lapse of judgment guys. I look forward to waiting 30 minutes for my 14 from now on.

Oh, and one last reminder- Congratulations.

That is all.

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  1. haha! i love your reaction. :)
    Yeah, i wish the bond measure hadn't failed. And we didn't even have a say in the voting! Being a teenager really sucks, sometimes, huh? -grumble grumble-
    Well, so be it. No new buses or improved stops or anything for a very long while yet. Dang people who voted against it...