Friday, November 2, 2012

Cast The Dark Knight Trilogy with Well Known TriMet Power Players

It's sort of a funny idea I came up with while bugging TriMet in one of their Facebook posts. I was thinking we could take the characters from Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy and match up TriMet CEOs, board members, activists and other well known people involved in TriMet's current state of affairs.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, no worries, I'll give you a sentence bio on the characters as we go. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, MORE THAN LIKELY.

Benevolent Figures!

Batman- the big hero, vigilante of billionaire Bruce Wayne who fights crime at night armed with high tech weapons.
Bruce Wayne- the man behind Batman. Benevolent billionaire of Wayne Enterprises, orphaned as a kid, seen as a playboy and power figure. Still carries scars of past traumatic events.

Actually played by: Christian Bale
My pick:

Alfred- Batman's British butler, mentor and father figure. Loyal as can be until he feels compelled to leave when Bruce won't give up Batman.

Actually played by: Michael Caine
My pick:

Lucius Fox- Batman's weapon maker. Calm, collected guy because he is in fact Morgan Freeman.

Actually played by: Morgan Freeman
My pick:

Rachel Dawes- Bruce's old flame. Leaves him because of the dangers of his role as Batman but they remain friendly, although Bruce still had feelings for her. Is killed by the Joker in movie two.

Actually played by: Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhall
My pick:

Selina Kyle/Catwoman- Cat burglar. Steals primarily from the rich, including Bruce. A wild card, constantly snarky but still more or less benevolent.

Actually played by: Anne Hathaway
My pick:

Jim Gordon- Police Chief/Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department. While dealing with an often corrupt force, he works for the greater good although will play underhanded for the safety of the city if needed.

Actually played by: Gary Oldman
My pick:

John Blake- New detective of the Gotham Police Department. Starts during TDKR and grows in rank until Bane's attack. Works as a makeshift vigilante to ensure the safety of the city. Courageous and tenacious, if not a bit hotheaded.

Actually played by: Joseph Gordon Levitt
My pick: Back off, that's me.

Ra's Al Ghul- Now to be fair I haven't seen the first movie in a long time so I'm not sure what he is other than the big leader of an evil underground clan of killers or something...

Actually played by: Liam Neeson
My pick: Neil McFarlane, as much as it pains me for him to take on a Liam Neeson role.

The Joker- An agent of chaos, who will do anything in order to terrorize the city. Is definitely bat shit crazy.

Actually played by: Heath Ledger

Bane- Powerful, muscular being with a mask and very epic voice. Is surprisingly eloquent and highly intelligent, although not acting on his own accord. Works to create organized chaos in the city by taking it over and creating class warfare.

Actually played by: Tom Hardy
My pick:

Harvey Dent- A brilliant district attorney who restored hope to the city as a figure of justice and righteousness, until he is injured by fire at the same time his then-girlfriend, Rachel Dawes, is murdered by the Joker. This turns him into a twisted villain who starts to murder every corrupt cop on the Police Force.

Actually played by: Aaron Eckhart
My pick:

Talia- A businesswoman who works a merger with Bruce Wayne (in more ways than one, hue hue hue). Eventually is revealed to be Ra's Al Ghul's daughter who used Bane to take over Gotham City in her father's place.

Actually played by: Marion Cottilard
My pick:

So as you can see, I really don't know who is who yet. :P So that's up to you! Make your picks, if you're fans. If not, at least this busted on my own blog. XD