Thursday, October 7, 2010

This thought scares me

Did you know that TriMet has a $54,000,000 shortfall for the Orange Line MAX? Even after all the cuts happened to the MAX (shocking, cuts to MAX) there's still a $54,000,000 shortfall?

Now that in itself is scary enough, but read this Article, Courtesy of PortlandAfoot.
Basically it's saying that $50,000,000 would be generated hopefully to restoring BUS service.

$54,000,000 and $50,000,000 are awfully close.

Anyone else worried that they'll take the $50,000,000 and put it towards the MAX and flip the bird to all the riders by cutting $4,000,000 more of bus service just to fill it?

I am.




God, you know, It's really hard sometimes to be a TriMet ally. It's certainly hard to blog it. But I still am. Even if they do screw up big time a lot.

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  1. Waiting 18 months to report the shortfall has reduced the time TriMet has available to search for additional funding streams. Imagine how much money would be saved if Orange line was BRT instead of light rail. All the cuts we've seen in the last three years could be restored.