Thursday, January 20, 2011

It just makes me sad

You know what's been troubling me? The Sandi Day trial. And let me tell you why.

It's unnecessary and rather painful.

Why is it unnecessary? Because in retrospect, it doesn't matter who did it. If Sandi Day was at fault, however unintentional it may be, she lost her job. And not only that, she's going to have to live with that night for the rest of her life, whether she was at fault or not.

And this trial is just lengthening her suffering, and the victim's loved ones as well. I mean, having to constantly talk about it and argue and seek vengeance for the victims and just relive that horrible nights. It's getting personal even. And for what? So that they can get $20,000,000 from TriMet. I mean, I know nothing is worse than a loss of life. But if you're asking for that much (especially out of a company that even if doing it wrong, is trying to fix its mistakes and its budget), you better be putting that toward charity, memorials or research, something meaningful, or that just strikes me as near selfishness.

My heart aches for all of you, it hurts to think about the pain you're going through. The worst I'm going through at the moment are a couple of beloved friends moving, and that is painful in itself. I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like to lose a life. Death frightens me more than anything.

And Every time David Sale takes the stand at a board meeting, I nearly cry. His passion is unmatched. But why take it out on the person who may have done it, who is already going to serve a life sentence for the unfortunate happening. It kills me.


  1. This trial is only for the traffic violations; so it's really just a super-sized traffic court. If Sandi Day loses in this trial the maximum penalty is something like $2,000 in fines and have her CDL suspended/revoked.

    The big multi-million dollar trial between the families & everyone they could possibly think of to sue (the mirror mfgr, mirror bracket mfgr, 2 divisions of new flyer, Sandi day, TriMet, Fred Hansen, Steve Banta, etc) doesn't begin until the spring.

    Personally I think this trial is mainly to establish evidence for the big one. i.e. if Sandi Day pleads (or is found) guilty to the traffic violations then that will hurt her in the follow-up trial. If the charges are dismissed, then that will certainly work in her favor.

    Anyway just my $.02

  2. That's sick that they're trying to sue over this. Sure, it's fucked what happened. But all they're doing if they win one red cent is taking away from the Portland community, the taxpayers, the riders, and hurting everyone in the process even more.

    As you pointed out, nobody was trying to kill anyone, but shit happens. Unfortunately everyone needs to move on and work out how to improve things instead of further damaging the situation for EVERYONE.

    I felt bad for the family, but if they're doing this - I've got no sympathy anymore for em', especially if they're going to screw everybody in this way.

  3. Actually she is trying to get her job back, if she just admitted fault and paid the fine she would lose her CDL and that would be the end of her getting her job back. She made a dangerous turn that killed people she doesn't necessarily need jail time but if she is trying to drive again I am glad the DA is trying to prevent that, and it is needed.