Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arriving Back.

Hey all! I bet you've noticed I haven't posted a blog piece in forever. And that I've also stayed away from transit sites. Well I have a couple good reasons.

1) My computer was down for awhile... and is actually down again. I'm using my parents' computer at the moment, but usually I haven't much in the internet access otherwise.

2) When I had my computer I had a strong urge to start writing again, and that took up 90% of the time I spent on my computer. It's going well, I'm glad to say.

So yeah, that explains that. I'm hoping to start working on a blog post over the next day or two, maybe by the end of the week it will be posted... of course there's always the chance that I totally slack off for the next month. Which I'm going to make sure doesn't happen, but then again, I haven't been uber reliable lately.

As for the board meetings, I had schedule conflicts over March and February I used my speech for the kickoff and didn't leave one for the board meeting. I was bummed about March. I had a speech in mind too. -_-

Hoping to see you all soon!


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