Thursday, December 9, 2010

All Right, Technical Difficulties Cleared

Here's a tip-right after everyone in the community posts a link to your blog, don't change the address of it. All those linkies get broken and that's no good. Anyway, I changed it back to the very incorrect address I had before. Oops. :)

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  1. Sorry, Cameron -- I was meaning to update my blog post with the link but then lost track of it. But what's so incorrect about this address?

  2. Oh! No worries. For a brief moment I changed my site address to fit the new name. That same day everyone I know posted a link to it, so it just went to nowhere cause the site url name was no longer

    (A piece of trivia-the site name came as a result of me just typing in names to see what fit. When I came up with Ravings as the name, I accidentally left the site url the same.)

    So yeah, when I went to fix it, all the links were null/void. So seeing this mistate I changed it back to trimetopinionist. So as of now there's no problem.

    Plus I posted this a month ago. :D