Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Yeah I Have A Transit Blog That's Right

Heh, I'm back. For those of you wondering where that kid with that weird transit blog went. Well, I went to the land of IF I LOOK AT ANOTHER TRANSIT RELATED THING I'M GONNA SCREAM which, shortened is called ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL BURNOUT.

Yeah, this TriMet agency wore me out. I needed to take some time to NOT be frustrated about the endeavors of this confused company and focus on happy things. Like War Video Games. And Writing. And that other stuff I do.

But fret not! I'm back! And if you thought I've gone soft, also fret not. Coming out of my burnout, I decided to take all my frustration and make a speech out of it. :D And the board of directors will be my lucky audience. This time, no abstract nice guy beating around the bush, I'm going to tell them exactly what's on my mind.

Ah, but you're gonna half to wait. Aw!

Till my next post that is. :)

See you there!

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