Friday, September 17, 2010

Introduction to my Blog

Hi and welcome to my long-overdue transit blog. This may or may not be a similar name to another amazing transit blog, I dunno, I was out of ideas.

I see a lot of blogs that while they are brilliant, are rather irritated at TriMet. And I'll admit it, I can get really annoyed by their mistakes. But rather than sit here ranting all day about it (no offense to those who do) I decided I'll post some ways they can improve in an orderly fashion, and when praise is due to give it to them.

Also, as a youth, you'll get the input to the only youth who blogs about TriMet. Go figure.

Anyway, a bit about me.

I'm Cameron Johnson. I am an avid Transportation Studier. Why a teenager would spend time researching the routes and schedules of every bus route, I can only thank one thing for. Autism.

I am also an avid volunteer and soon to me intern at OPAL Bus rider's union. With their support I am working on a Plan to improve bus service in East Portland. This should be on the blog by Tuesday.

You may see my posts on PortlandTransport and Joe Rose's blog. Ah, Joseph Rose of the Oregonian. Thank you for inspiring me to make this blog.

I saw that lately, there hasn't been enough coverage on the good things TriMet's done, and Joseph Rose kind of was the essence of this, in my opinion. So, without further ado, here's a good thing someone at Trimet has done. Yes, the Cameron in the article is me.

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