Saturday, September 25, 2010

TriMet Make Me Sad Face :(Why

Why, you ask?

I read the new rules, courtesy of Al M.

One of the rules was that you may no longer talk to operators.


What the hale, TriMet? What the hale?

Here's my thinking.

All the good operators, all the ones people praise, is because they TALK to people. I never would have made that article about John Hively or have had my life changed by him if that rule was in effect a year ago. You know what this means?

If you can't talk to bus drivers, they can't be "good" bus drivers. You can't compliment them. In fact, people can and will now jump them for the things they used to praise them. Thereby demonizing drivers far more. :/

And another thing- I've never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever seen a driver drive bad because he was talking. What a total misconception on TriMet's part.

This rule is nothing but horrible, and it must be taken down. Who's with me?


  1. That's stupid. I guess now we can't say 'thank you' as I leave or ask for the 'back door'.


  2. Oh, BTW, it's a 2 way thing. And it's while the bus is moving. My bad.

    But, hey, the bus is moving ALL THE TIME. O_o

    But, seriously, sorry for teh screwup.

  3. i'm with you. I ride trimet every day and some of the best drivers i have ever had love to chat. This rule is pointless. It is just reducing trimet's costumer service area even more. What, next are they going to completely enclose the bus operators like the rail operators? Give me a break Trimet! This rule is absurd...

  4. Hi Cameron,

    The language in the rule that addresses talking with customers is meant to keep focused on the challenging task of safely operating the bus. It certainly doesn't prohibit operators from talking with customers, greeting them with the same pleasantries they always have, and being friendly customer servants.

    I know some operators who have said they are distracted by customers who want to sit close to them and carry on extended conversations. This gives them some guidance that it is alright to politely say something like, "I'm sure that is a great story, but I need to keep my attention on getting you safely where you are going!"

    Josh Collins
    TriMet Operations